Trekking Ecuador

Chimborazo Ecuador

              If you have ever visited Ecuador, you understand  it's never short on altitude and elevation, unlike like my breathing. During our adventures in and around Banos, we challenged ourselves to hike Chimborazo, the highest mountain from the Earth’s Center, the tallest in Ecuador. We traveled with our guide to the first refuge, the starting location of our hike. Moving very slowly, step by step, our breathing grew heavier and each breathe seemed harder to take. We climbed to the second refuge thinking we were done. Our guide pushed us to hike a little further knowing that we would regret it if we turned around. . When we reached our stopping point we had reached 16,823 ft, still far from the peak which is 20,564 ft. The distance between us and the peak was the height of a mountain in Vermont, unreal! Hiking this mountain was a cleansing experience, I have never felt so elated and determined to complete something in my life. When seeking adventure during your stay in Ecuador a hike is a must do. I would highly recommend Chimborazo as it was unique in its own way.