Little Havana

Sometimes one adventure leads you to another adventure. Last summer while in Venice, Italy, we met the owner of Little Havana in Baltimore, Maryland. He told us that if we ever found ourselves in Baltimore we must visit. So, when we found ourselves in Baltimore, we had to eat at Little Havana. We strolled through the inner harbor and found that you could see Little Havana from across the harbor. The restaurant's name is painted across the large building and visible from afar. When we arrived we found the interior of the restaurant was just as large as it looks hosting games, a large bar and seating for many. We chose to sit outside on the outdoor patio which has a beautiful view of the harbor. The menu was full of Cuban options, and dishes featuring crab from Maryland. The drinks were plentiful, the food was endless and tasty and the staff was friendly and helpful. We are thankful that we visited Little Havana and made the connection in Italy. Thanks again for an incredible experience!