Elizabeth Rose Garden

One of Connecticut's hidden secrets is the Elizabeth Rose Garden; enchanting and meditating. The park is large, with the rose garden being a small piece, but for sure the most beautiful part of the park. Families, couples, friends and pets walk through the rose bushes designed in a symmetrical circle with different pathways throughout. Unfortunately, we were not able to visit during rose season, so our walk was green and full of buds. When the Garden blooms, I'm sure it's a scene like no other. I can only imagine how beautiful the walk would be if it was filled with Roses. Outside of the rose garden there is multiple ponds to sit at and watch the birds, dream peacefully or even participate in a yoga class. When you've seen enough and are feeling a little hungry, visit the pond house cafe for a drink or meal. On the evening we visited we were able to sit outside to eat and admire the nature around us. The pond house cafe would also be a highlight of this park for me as the food was delightful, and the atmosphere was still quiet and relaxing so that you could still enjoy the park. Whatever the weather, whatever activity you are looking to participate in, we recommend you take it to Elizabeth rose garden park. Enjoy the outdoors, exquisite gardening and fine dining!