BBQ Dreams

Picture a Chipotle restaurant but swap the Mexican food for BBQ. That's the kind of restaurant Bears Smokehouse BBQ is! As soon as you walk in, you are face to face with a counter, a fresh slab of meat and a huge menu. Pick your favorite brisket, pork, chicken, turkey or even burnt ends. Would you like that smothered on top of a tower of macaroni and cheese? How about on top of cornbread and macaroni and cheese? Better yet piled high on some cheesy nachos? If none of those options interest you, have the meat with your choice of sides, the original BBQ style. The meat smothered in your choice of sauce will drive you nuts it's so delicious. You'll probably need a box, just giving you a warning! All in all don't be afraid to try any of their locations in Connecticut as we are sure they will not disappoint!