On a warm, blue sky evening we ventured to West Hartford, CT for a dinner outside. In West Hartford, there are many dining options that offer outdoor seating. Our eyes were pulled to Bartaco where the outdoor patio hosted heating lamps and bright colors. We were instantly seated and introduced to their ordering method. On a paper menu, you select which tapas and meals you would like to try and the number of the item. We chose to sample 11 tacos and the spicy cucumber salad. Each taco, meat or vegetation was tasteful and delicious. Some with a spicy flare, others with a mild and sweet sauce, all were delicious! We were so pleased with our tapas that we raved to the manager about our experience and the meal. He convinced us to keep eating and finish with a dessert. We tasted the churros and instantly fell in love. The warm pastry dipped in the rich chocolate was absolutely fantastic. Again we thanked the manager for an unforgettable experience from the unique ordering style to the delicious meals ensuring him we would return!











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