Le Nil Bleu

Have you ever been to an Ethiopian restaurant? If not, Le Nil Bleu should be the first place you try. Only ever seeing Ethiopian restaurants on movies, we elected to try the highly rated Le Nil Bleu. As soon as we walked in, we were amazed to see the place was packed. When at Le Nil Bleu, the only way to experience and appreciate the cultural experience is to order the tasting menu. Trust us, there will be enough food, if not too much! The tasting menu starts out with an appetizer sampler platter, but first be sure to wash your hands with the warm towels because these will be your utensils tonight. Yes, that is correct, you will be using your hands to eat, no silverware needed! Selecting the meat tasting menu, the appetizer sampler came out with steak, beef tartar, hummus, and lamb. Quickly racing through the flavorful platter, we couldn't wait for the main dish. When the main dish was brought to our table, it took up the entire table, barely any room to place our water glasses! Each meat on the main dish was paired with a side that matched the meat. Chicken with a slaw, lamb with a spiced bean, steak with vegetables and a salad in the center. Mouthwatering, flavorful and delicious your stomach will be full to the brim. Before you leave, try a sip of the digestion tea if you have room and enjoy the atmosphere around you for a minute. Make a reservation at Le Nil Bleu and you will not regret it!

Jesus Calderon-Batioja