Cronut Dreams

While venturing through the streets of Montreal trying to find a place to eat lunch, we were stopped in our tracks outside a cute bakery by the overpowering delicious scent, a bakery named DLiche. From the sidewalk you could see a cute little bakery tucked into the street, displaying cakes and treats in the window. The smell and the displays instantly brought us into the store. The store itself is bright, clean and full of treats. It was impossible to select only one item as they all looked mouthwatering. Per the bakers suggestion we selected a maple cronut with a glass of milk on the side. Never trying or tasting a cronut before, it was described to us as a mix between a donut and a croissant. What an interesting combination! However, as soon as the first bite melted in our mouths, we instantly became cronut fans. The pastry was moist and flaky all at the same time, filled with a maple cream on the inside making this treat irresistible. Bite for bite, we were able to finish the delightful treat only wanting more. We spoke with the baker and the staff and found that we were at a bakery that Martha Stewart herself had recently visited and praised. It is good to know that we have the same great taste buds as Martha Stewart! With a delightful afternoon treat at a pleasant location, DLiche is a must visit while venturing through the streets of Montreal. Check out their website to see a gallery of their beautiful cakes and treats.