Bike Montreal!

During our most recent visit to Montreal, we decided to tour the city as true tourists renting Bixi bicycles. The Bixi station right next to our hotel was the location we chose to start from. As soon as we got to the station, we were lucky to be greeted by a bixi employee. He kindly explained the whole system to us including how to avoid extra charges, locating the next station and which bikes are best. Thankful for his advice, we selected two bikes for the entire day. It is important to note that the bikes must be returned to a station and traded for a new bike every 30 minutes! If you don't, you are charged with a heavy penalty. Having unfortunately experienced this in NYC, we were sure to avoid this penalty in Montreal. There seemed to be a bike station on every corner everywhere we went, so returning on time was not an issue. The bikes allowed us to cruise through China town, down to the water, weave through old port, around the park and back home. The option to ride a bike or walk anywhere was very convenient. We were happy doing both in a beautiful city, but the bikes allowed us to visit more of the city than we would have been able to on foot in a day. Our recommendation is to bike Montreal not drive! Enjoy the city at your pace on your time!