Sailing with Catlanza

A catamaran adventure in Arrecife is an action packed, relaxing adventure you must partake in! The goal of our catamaran journey was to relax, enjoy the beaches, swim in the blue waters and be at peace with the sea. What we received on our catamaran adventure with Catlanza Catamarans was all that and more. As soon as the sails were lifted on the catamaran, it seemed as though simultaneously the dolphins began swimming next to our boat. Almost as though it was planned! The crew informed us that this was a common feeding ground for the dolphins, but it looked to me as though they were happier swimming along with us than feasting. While passing through the dolphins territory, we were able to relax in the netting at the front of the catamaran, just what we were looking for. We only got splashed a few times from the calm waves off the coast. The entire journey to the beautiful Papagaya beaches the staff provided us with everything we needed; drinks, blankets, jokes and even face painting for the children on board. Turning the corner to the Papagaya beaches we were surprised to see endless sandy beaches with the purest blue green waters calmly welcoming us to the pristine beach. Upon dropping anchor the crew dropped a water slide, provided snorkels to all, brought out the jet ski and fired up the stove for lunch. Our envision of relaxing on the beach was instantly switched to an action packed afternoon. Flying on the jet ski, sliding down the water slide, swimming with the fish and feasting on a tuna pasta dish that truly tasted as though we were on land at a fine dining restaurant. The chef of the crew got the greatest applause for the outstanding meal he provided in his little galley kitchen. When it was time to put the sails back up and head home we ran into some rough waters. The children on the nets in the front of the catamaran had waves fly over their heads drenching them completely. The waters were strong and forceful, but, the expertise sailing of our captain and the size of the Catlanza catamaran allowed us to slice right through the waves. Although the journey home was not as calm and relaxing it ended up creating the perfect trifecta of a day; relaxation, adventure and a challenge.
Be sure to chose Catlanza for your catamaran adventure, the crew, boat, scenery and food make it the only option! 

Be sure to check out our Arrecifie video for highlights from the adventure!