Betting on Horses

Summertime rolls around and the horses start running. In Saratoga New York, nestled off the beaten path, is the Saratoga race track where people come from all over the country to bet their hard earned money on the horse they can only dream will win. My tactic growing up was always to bet on the horse with my favorite name...when the betting was funded by my dad. Now going to the track with my hard earned money, I strategically place my bet based on the horses statistics and health. I would highly recommend starting with small bets so that you don't lose all your money when you're just learning the betting process. Luckily, in Saratoga all the money tellers and gambling veterans are very helpful in teaching you how to bet. One thing I regret is not limiting myself on the amount of money I brought and allowing myself to gamble away! It is just so rewarding to win though! I guess a Vegas trip isn't the best idea for me quite yet.. Along with the horse races, the track provides entertainment between every race, numerous food options inside the grandstands and outside as well as shopping and a historic museum. Be sure to pack your sunscreen and baseball caps, or Kentucky derby hats if you want to fit the part. The Saratoga Race Track is a must attend to experience the history and culture that has been around for decades. Good luck at the tracks! And smart betting!