Dario Cecchini

When planning your next trip to Florence, you must add an excursion to the countryside of Tuscany, Italy. No more then 35 minutes away lies one of the best wellknown restaurants to food enthusiast world-wide. In Panzano, Chianti you'll find the living breathing heart of Dario Cecchini, an 8th generation butcher turned restaurant genius. Having had the pleasure of being introduced to the man behind the curtain, I was thrust into a slow stupor of food, wine and laughter. The air was palpitating with sensations as we waited to be seated. Dario and his staff kept us company as we enjoyed some aperitivos on the other side of the main entrance, which leads to the square of Panzano. 

After a tenacious series of appetizers recommend by a local friend, I had what most call the best burger around,  "The MicDario." Delicious and hand picked by the master, it was an Unforgettable experience, seasoned to the brim. Dario's eclectic sense of flavors and meats left no surface of your tongue unanswered. Captivating and sensational, you can without a doubt, bet your bottom dollars, this won't be the last time Dario and I run into each other.   

Meal €25-45 PP