Morning Treats in Montreal

Montreal is filled with fantastic restaurants and bakeries, but the bakery of our choice is unlike any other. Mamie Clafoutis, a cute little bakery, sits on Saint Denis Street in Montreal. From the window, you can see the baguettes, croissants, sandwiches and espresso machines filling the store. We learned very quickly that this is a normal morning/afternoon stop for some people. The stop at Mamie Clafoutis is set into their daily schedule, grabbing a ticket number as soon as they walk through the door. The ticket system is implemented so that there is no angry customers or extended wait time, when your ticket number is called you approach the counter and choose the item of your choice. We stopped into Mamie Clafoutis each morning at our stay in Montreal. The normal customers were kind helping us understand the ticket system and the baristas and cashiers were kind and patient with our indecisiveness of which treat to select. Both mornings the croissants were our choice, almost melting in our mouths, the flaky pieces falling off to a dark chocolate heaven. The baguette we brought home made for a great snack, soft edges not too crunchy and moist inside. Not a dry piece in the entire loaf. Of course you cannot forget your latte with your croissant. The lattes were made to perfection, adding a little  dab of sugar and the latte was perfection. When you decide to take your breakfast or lunch togo, reconsider, upstairs is a cute little cafe to sit and eat, chat, read or work. Enjoy your morning dose of goodies in Montreal!