A Different Kind of Laundry

At the heart of a small city, Vergennes, lies a small French cafe. Only open Thursday through Sunday to make its customers all the more eager for opening. Owned by a husband and wife pair, French natives, you're guaranteed an authentic French drink or snack. The atmosphere here at the Vergennes Laundry is soothing, enriching, vibrant and meditating. Whether in need of a spot to study, in the mood for a coffee date with friends or a quick coffee break from work, the cafe is welcome to all. As soon as you walk in your nostrils are filled with the smell of fresh bread and espresso. Behind the counter sits no other than the owner himself, fixing coffee drinks the way he wants, slowly perfected. If you are looking for a quick coffee, Vergennes Laundry won't be the stop for you. Each drink is carefully crafted and designed, taking slightly longer than your normal Starbucks run. However, once you taste your first sip you will understand the wait time. A chocolate truffle at the bottom of your mocha, an exquisite design on top of your latte or a simple shot of espresso will be all you need to make it through the day, whatever it may be you have to face that day. With your coffee pick up a fresh pastry, seeing as they are making them at the end of the counter in plain site, how could you not? Our stops at the Vergennes Laundry differ in that one of us stops for a coffee break during work while the other chooses to spend some hours working in the cafe. Whatever dose of caffeine you need for your work day, Vergennes Laundry will serve it up on a platter. Make sure to say hello to the owner and compliment his work, you'll see his eyes light up!