Maple Cremees!

As summer approaches and the weather begins to get warmer, in Vermont we celebrate with cremees! I have lived in Vermont my entire life and always look forward to the start of cremee season. All of the small scoop shops and cremee stands reopen their doors for the start of a new season. This week I tried a new location for the first time, Shelburne Country Store. As known worldwide, Vermont is known for their maple syrup. With that said maple cremees are a top seller! Expecting another normal maple cremee as I entered the small store I was delightfully surprised with what I received. This cremee was by far the best cremee I have ever tasted. Unlike some maple cremees that are overly sweet, this one was perfectly balanced. Tasting naturally sweet rather than artificially flavored.  The cremee wasn't too cremee but still melted in your mouth. Savoring each bite as it tasted like heaven. Fortunately for me this new discovered location is conveniently located on my commute home from work. Very dangerous! Don't eat too much and get a brain freeze, but don't hesitate to stop in and grab yourself a cone!