Jay Peak

One of our favorite parts of winter is skiing! And skiing is the best when there is tons of snow. Jay Peak in Vermont is one ski resort that is never short of snow. Snow is also not the only thing that Jay Peak is not lacking in. The resort is known as a resort destination across the country and world. Full of hiking, golf, weddings, biking and the water park during the summer, it is known as an adventure destination. In the winter the resort is also home to skiing, events, hiking and the indoor water park. Kids and adults are never bored when visiting Jay Peak. Our most recent visit to the mountain was on a bluebird day. Riding the tram up to the peak, stepping out and realizing how truly beautiful Vermont is. On this cloudless day we could see for miles, admiring the views and excited to ski down. Not a single rock or patch of grass visible the entire trail, top to bottom! The trails range from beginner to expert to backcountry, pick your poison! When the last chair heads up the mountain, skiers and riders find themselves at one of the apres restaurants or bars. The children find their ways to the indoor water park! Every member of the family has an apres activity available to them! One of our favorite ski resorts during the summer and winter time with activities and entertainment for all!