Tapas 24

Tapas Tapas Tapas... Growing up I never understood tapas, why would people want to eat small dishes?! I always thought they were crazy until I learned for myself that they aren't crazy, they are genius. Tapas 24 is a tapas restaurant in Barcelona nestled in below the street. When you arrive at the restaurant there is outdoor seating available, or you can walk downstairs to the restaurant that almost looks like a diner. Guests are seated on stools at a table or at the bar. If seated at a table you may share the table with other guests. We shared our table with a family and still felt as though we had our own table. The menu is handed to you on a bag which holds your silverware and napkins as well as each item painted on the wall for a visual of the dish. The two of us ordered tapas from the specials menu and from the regular menu. We ate some of the best wings, bombas, pastries and potatoes we had had the entire trip. The tapas were served one at a time and perfectly presented so that we were never sitting there without a dish in front of us. When we had finished our order of tapas, we couldn't help but order more! We ate at Tapas 24 on our last night in Spain and couldn't have been happier with the decision. The staff at the restaurant is kind, attentive and observant. They will never leave you without a snack or drink in front of you. With the tapas we ordered sangria and a gin and tonic. The waitress made the drinks for us at our table and prepared the gin and tonic with perfection. Before she poured the gin and tonic she stirred the ice and then dumped the water out that had melted from stirring. This ensured that the gin and tonic was not watered down as quickly. We were very impressed with this technique and admired it greatly. All in all, I am so glad we found ourselves at Tapas 24 on our last night in Barcelona. Please make sure you visit them while you visit Barcelona!