On a day the weatherman predicted rain, Killington Mountain fought mother nature. The sun beat down on the mountain all morning conveniently heating the pond for the annual pond skim end of the season celebration. Located at the bottom of superstar, the trail that hosted the Women's World Cup back in November, sat a man made pond. Contestants were tasked with skiing or boarding across the entire pond, an almost impossible task if you ask the common bystander. Each contestant wore a costume supporting their favorite movie, actor or just a fun outfit. Miss America flew down the mountain and tragically crashed a short ways into the pond, Batman caught an edge early and also found himself falling into the cold cold water. There were men without shirts, a banana suit, even a speedo, the costumes were not lacking this year that is for sure. What was lacking was a successful run. The pond was longer than it had been in the past and there was a turn before entering the pond, all contestants were tasked with a challenge and almost a 100% guarantee of getting wet. Although the pond skim was near impossible, everyone around had a blast. Whether participating in the competition, lounging at the umbrella bar, taking a few runs on superstar or watching as a bystander everyone had a great time. The King of Spring even made an appearance supporting his crown and speedo. Like a celebrity he took photos with those around and waved at the crowds like a queen. Next year be sure to attend the annual pond skim at Killington Mountain you are sure to have a good time no matter how you participate!