Minus Zero Music Festival

Stratton Mountain Resort located in southern Vermont hosted the second Minus Zero Music Festival on a bitter cold April weekend. The festival lasted two days and was not short of music, food and fun. Sitting at the bottom of the mountain is a small village of shops, restaurants, bars and condominiums. Here in the village, a music festival took over. Around every corner there was a stage, group of people dancing, food tent or vendor tent. While the mountain was still open to the public, the main stage hosted DJ after DJ filling the mountain with music, all the locals could dance while waiting in line at the gondola and the festival attendees could dance outside the lodge. On Saturday the festival also hosted a rail jam where skiers and riders could compete while listening to the live music. Once the final skiers made their way down the mountain and took their boots off, the festival grounds were closed to the public. During the evenings the shows sported lights, louder music and a much larger crowd. With each DJ set came more dancing and more energy. The lights flashing through everyone's eyes, the bass beating through every attendees chest only led to greater energy throughout the venue. The lineup this year at minus zero was no where near lacking featuring names such as Sam Allen, Yookie, Pierce Fulton, Griz and Bassnector. Although the temperatures were below freezing, the atmosphere was hot with music and dancing. An unforgettable festival unlike any other. Can't wait for the third Minus Zero Festival in 2018!