Arrecife Gran Hotel

The Canary Islands are home to multiple islands big and small. We chose Lanzarote, one of  the smallest islands in the Canary's to visit. Although the island looks considerably smaller then the rest, we found upon our arrival looks can be deceiving, leaving us with limited time. We stayed in Arrecife at the Gran Hotel. This hotel is the tallest on the island and from the rooftop you can almost see the entire landscape. The Gran Hotel is most definitely grand. When we arrived we were welcomed as honored guests and offered refreshing beverages of our choice. Once checked in, we were escorted to our hotel room  that had a panoramic view of the city, the beach, and the surrounding water around our room. The room was divided into a common room, a bedroom, and a large bathroom. As large as the bedroom was,  it wasn't as surreal as going to sleep looking at the city lights and waking up to the morning sun rising over the ocean. Every morning we walked upstairs to the breakfast buffet where we sat overlooking the beach and water. The food was fresh, delicious and endless. If you choose to stay in and around the hotel you'll find many benefits like daily activities, spa treatments, tastings, and the pool to entertain you. We visited the pool on our last day at the hotel which had a glass roof. It felt as though we were in a greenhouse enjoying some much needed vitamin d!  Wherever you spend your day, finishing at the rooftop restaurant is a must. The food is elegantly presented and tastes better than it looks. The tables are set strategically around the rooftop so that every table has a view. Each dish we had was beyond our expectations and left us wanting more. Cheers to the chef for making it so memorable. After dinner, please be sure to find your way across the hall to the rooftop coffee shop for a piece of coffee cake or cake special of the day. Every night we spent on the island we always ended at the coffee shop for a slice of cake and night cap. The hotel truly has it all and will never leave you unsatisfied. They are there to help and provide you with everything you could possibly dream of. Enjoy your stay!