Foch Yeah Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador is full of culture, art, food and adventure. As we explored Quito, we visited stunning cathedrals, walked on paths to the sky, spoke with the locals, listened to street music, ate like kings and queens and immersed ourselves in the outstanding environment. While exploring we stumbled into Plaza Foch. Our first visit to the plaza was during happy hour where every restaurant in the square had food and drink specials. As the sun kissed the horizon goodnight, music began filling the plaza with live bands and live DJs. We sat in one corner of the square for an appetizer and then ventured to the opposite corner for a rooftop dinner. The food and drinks were exceptional in every place we stopped. From the rooftop we could look down and see the masses of people hustling from location to location or stopping to enjoy the music and street performers. As the night started to shift into a nightlife scene we found our way to a local discoteca and danced the night away. The next day we couldn't help but return to the plaza that seemed to have it all and were welcomed by a market featuring local crafts and foods. We were able to find a seat for lunch at a restaurant to watch El Classico, Barcelona vs Real Madrid. The game, atmosphere food and company was so wonderful that we almost were late to the airport for our flight home! All in All, Plaza Foch has entertainment for all ages. Whether you are looking for great food, local culture, great music or solely a place to visit Plaza Foch is a must visit!