About IRM Studios

For many, traveling is a time to escape, for some, it's a religion. In the beginning, just like most startups, Inspiring Raw Moments came from a fleeting idea during an afternoon walk along the canals of Venice. Ready to explore the venetian lust, we packed up our things and headed out the door. Item 1- a camera to capture life as it flys by. Item 2- shades to look inconspicuous as you rattle off hundreds of photos of people, places, and things. Item 3- A small but spacious bag to carry said items.

Out the door we go, heading left then right for several miles. Twisting and turning we come upon another bridge with a beautiful setback. We decide to attempt a few Yoga moves that didn't quite capture the meaning of yogis. After our not so elegant display of acroyoga, we decide to continue on. But before we could head out,  a couple near us asked us to take a few photos of them, so we accepted the offer. Right then and there, something triggered the gears to turn.

Throughout the rest of the trip we continued to laugh about how I took someone's camera and started a photoshoot of them as they posed and smiled, capturing their beautiful moment together. I knew something was there I just couldn't put my finger on it. How could an electrical engineer and a photographer, with a religious background in travel, make something out of nothing?

It hit me like a bag of rocks when we landed back in the states. Having taken some flight lessons earlier on, I remembered having a conversation about a photographer who rented a small Cessna to capture amazing landscape shots. My research continued as I was fascinated with my idea and how I could take everything I loved and turn it into the small business it is today- Inspiring Raw Moments "Your Life, Your World, Our Eyes." 

Investing in high end small UAS aircrafts and camera gear, IRM Studios offers Professional Photography and Cinematography from the ground to the heavens. From destination weddings, to small intimate social functions, to the birth of a new family member, IRM wants to be there for you by allowing you to be in the moment while we capture your fondest memories.